Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Difference between the Obama "Fist" and the Bruce Lee "Fist".

So, my 4-year-old son does not like to be hugged by other boys. So, I tell him, "if a boy tries to hug you just give him the 'Fist"". "The Fist"? he says. I say, "you know, like we do." Even the President & First Lady do the Fist.

So, lo and behold, he goes to school, the boy tries to hug him and, out of the blue . . .FIST! He punches the boy right in the chest. Doh! Apparently, I was not clear on the subtle distinction between the Obama fist and the Bruce Lee fist.

And, of course, when asked why he did it he replied "My daddy told me to". Ahh!

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