Monday, September 28, 2009

My 3-year-old and the power of suggestion.

So, it appears as though my 3-year-old is the next Tony Robbins (or other Neuro-Linguistic Programming expert).  Apparently, she made herself (from my perspective, anyway) have a fever of 99.9 degrees after I reminder her last night that she had to go to bed early because it was a "school night". 

Immediately, she responded "I'm sick".  I said "C'mon Lakie-Pooh [her name is Lake but we often call her Lakie-Pooh], you are not sick".  "I don't feel good", she says, "I have terrible hickups and my leg hurts".  After some back and forth between us--and her self-reinforcement about her anti-school ailments--wouldn't you know it . . . . .SHE GOT A FEVER!

It's amazing!!  She is now my motivation coach on the power of suggestion!  I pay her in Cinderella Cupcakes--it's a "sweet" deal!

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